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» What to look for in a Dog Shampoo

With so many brands and types of dog shampoo on the market, it is sometimes difficult to know what is best for your dog.

What ingredients are put into a dog shampoo? & How good are they for your dog?

Dog shampoo should have pH level which is optimal for dogs, as dogs have a very high skin pH (in fact the highest known mammal skin pH level). This is the reason why human shampoo should not be used on your dog.

It can be beneficial to have a dog shampoo that is ‘soap free’ as these can be used with many of the common flea treatment programs, such as Advantix & Frontline.

Vitamins can also be found in dog shampoo. Pro-Vitamin B5 is a popular shampoo ingredient and assists in hair thickening. Vitamin E is great for your dog’s skin, so check you dog shampoos ingredients contain Vitamin E.

Oatmeal is another common ingredient used in dog shampoo. It is excellent for soothing very irritated and inflamed skin.

There are some natural dog shampoo ingredients that are quiet effective. Herbal extracts and Essential oils are used in natural dog shampoos and have found to assist with itching and skin repair. The more popular ingredients are Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil, Chamomile, Citrus, and Eucalytpus extracts. If your dog has very sensitive skin, some essential oils such as citrus should be avoided. When buying a natural dog shampoo, make sure you shop for a quality brand, as cheap imitations can often do more harm than good.

The dark side of dog shampoo ingredients is when they contain deodorants, colours and other unnatural additives. These ingredients can quickly cause irritation and should be avoided in dog shampoo. If your dog has sensitive skin, it would be best to find a shampoo that doesn’t contain any sulphates, as they can further irritate sensitive skin.

In Summary, What to look for in a good dog shampoo;
•pH adjusted.
•Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin B5 are excellent for your dog’s skin & coat.
•Oatmeal is used to reduce redness & irritated skin.
•Colours, Additives & Sulphates can cause irritation to your dog’s skin.
•Herbal extracts can be great for assisting eith itchy & dry skin.
•High quality essential oils can be beneficial, however use with caution on dogs with very sensitive skin.