'Jojoba & Calendula 'Conditioning Creme rinse

Jojoba & Calendula Conditioning Creme Rinse

This natural dog conditioning creme rinse, is mild and gentle. It is formulated to moisturise & deliver a tangle-free soft coat. Recommended for dogs with long or curly coats that require extra conditioning.

Ingredients & Benefits;

Jojoba and Calendula extract: Moisturise and restore softness to the coat while soothing the skin.

Vitamin E: Is an excellent for your dogs skin and a great anti-oxidant.

Lavender & Cedarwood: Soothing and healing to the skin, excellent tonic for long or curly coats.

Soap free & pH balanced-

Contains NO:Sulphates, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, DEA or TEA, Artificial Colours, Mineral Oils, Harsh Detergents or Animal Derivatives.

‘Organic Pet’ Jojoba & Calendula Conditioning Creme Rinse is Deep conditioner that moisturises and removes tangles . It will leave your long or curly haired pooch silky & soft with a managable coat.

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'Jojoba & Calendula 'Conditioning Creme rinse

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